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Get a comprehensive set of architecture diagrams of your distributed system.

a picture is worth
a thousand words

If your team is like most technology organisations, then you probably have some diagrams of your software architecture lying around somewhere.

But if you’re like most technology organisations, those diagrams are probably hard to find on your wiki, or they’re photos of a whiteboard sketch, or they’re out of date by 12 months, or they only include part of your system, or it’s not clear what a line between two boxes actually means, or…
all of the above!

Modern software architectures are getting more complex every day

Got microservices?

Most organisations with an investment in bespoke software are now building increasingly complex distributed systems. Tech teams can no longer be expected to remember all the details of their system’s design.

Important questions like “Which components need to be available for this feature to work?” often can't be answered without searching through masses of code or speaking to a lot of people.

Archium is here to help you understand your system again.

Visualise your whole system

Now, you can get a set of detailed architecture diagrams that show exactly what’s going on in your distributed system and help you answer your most important questions.

This isn’t just a high-level dependency diagram resembling spaghetti. You’ll get a whole suite of diagrams that show exactly where data flows through your system, how it gets there, and why each component is involved.

Get a comprehensive set of up-to-date architecture diagrams of your system

Using data you're already collecting with distributed tracing, we'll provide you with a diagram just like this one for each business process that flows through your system. You'll also get an individual dependency diagram for each component in your system, showing all its upstream and downstream dependencies.

All your diagrams are combined into a single, shareable document, and are indexed and searchable to make finding the information you need almost instantaneous.

How does it work?

Getting your team an in-depth understanding of your system could hardly be easier.

Archium will send you a piece of software to extract data from your distributed tracing server.

(Don't worry, we don't really use floppy disks. Or paper planes.)


You extract the data, and send it back to Archium.


Archium will use your data to create a comprehensive set of beautiful architecture diagrams, and send them to you in an indexed, searchable PDF.


a price that's hard to beat

For a limited time, this service is being offered at the special introductory price of just:


That's less than most tech teams pay a software developer for half a day's work.

And for that price, you'll get more richly detailed diagrams than you could ever convince your team to create by hand.

Are you ready to understand your distributed system in depth?

Fill in your details below and we’ll send you a sample of the type of diagrams we can provide to your team.

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