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Understand Your
Software Architecture
Like Never Before

Make better, faster architecture decisions.

Uncover hidden reliability risks.

Archium is a service catalog and architecture knowledge base for teams building distributed systems.

Stop drawing diagrams and writing API docs. Get Archium to generate both from distributed tracing instead.

“We don’t understand our system!”

Microservices have increased the complexity of software architectures far beyond what we can hold in our heads.

Keeping detailed architecture diagrams and documentation up to date is a losing battle.

That’s why we’ve created Archium: so you can understand how your system actually works, and start evolving it with confidence.

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Get Architecture Observability

Build Your Service Catalog

Document your microservices, functions, data stores, infrastructure – and their APIs – all in one structured service catalog.

Link the graph of your architecture model to your org structure, your wiki, and your code repositories.

Instantly look up who owns a component, how it was designed, what APIs it offers and uses, and where to find its code.

Browse Your Architecture

Generate detailed, interactive architecture diagrams for every business process that flows through your system.

Archium can automatically build a model of all your services, APIs, and message flows, from your existing distributed tracing data.

Visualise Your Data Flows

Browse your whole architecture, and see exactly where data flows, and how it gets there.

Answer complex questions like…

Which services need to be running for a new user to complete sign up?

“Which features of our mobile app insert data into this database?”

“How did a service no one has ever heard of cause a Sev 1 outage?”

How does the automation work?

Archium can automatically build you a detailed architecture model by reading and interpreting your distributed tracing data.

Distributed tracers store high-cardinality telemetry of individual requests for performance analysis. Archium intelligently analyses this data to reverse engineer the structure of your software architecture.

Archium doesn’t need access to your production system, just permission to pull data from your distributed tracer’s API.

Do we need distributed tracing to use Archium?

If you don’t have distributed tracing yet, you can still use Archium as a service catalog, and get the full benefits of building an architecture model when you’re ready.

Why use Archium?

  • On-board new engineers quickly with detailed diagrams of exactly what they’ll be working on.
  • Give Operations and SREs up-to-date visuals and docs to make sense of the whole system.
  • Discover hidden failure modes and find opportunities to increase resilience.
  • Design your next big idea with the confidence that comes from knowing exactly how your system works today.

Get started now

Archium is live and available now.

All customers get a one month free trial.

We do a quick call with everyone before they sign up, just to make sure Archium is what you’re looking for, and so we can help make your experience a success.

Or just get in touch if you’ve got questions.

In the spirit of reconciliation, Archium acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of country throughout Australia and their connections to land, sea and community. We pay our respect to their elders past and present and extend that respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples today.